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PR Directer


​高田涼平 / Ryohei Takada




Born in Ishikawa prefecture. Studied abroad in Toronto, Canada when I was a university student. Encountered the PR  in Boston, USA, and joined the PR company Vector 2018. Under the slogan of "Disseminating good things to the world and making people happy," he is involved in PR support for a total of more than 50 companies and industries, including food and beverage, retail, automobiles, and insurance.

After independence, he has promoted more than 20 projects centered on Tokyo-Kanazawa, such as product development, store opening, D2C branding, city revitalization, and large-scale art exhibitions across three prefectures. I’m good at creating a "PR-oriented company" that is featured in the media many times with our clients and three-legged races.

Recently, we are also trying to develop a circulating food with the aim of solving the hidden food loss problem. 

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